Esthetically Correct Landscapes

"We Dare to be Different"

Beneath the 2 feet of 57 gravel are drain pipes to channel water through pipe to street. Not yet comlete but getting there.
This is a view of a patio to resolve a water collected area near house.
Extended Patio, see the old walkway above, the next phase is to change it to match.
Nice area to add rectangular flower pot.
Sitting area to watch the grill. Notice grill is away from Siding.
Grill is away from house so smoke does not enter patio door and for safety.
French drain for heavy rains. Behind wall are two connecting drains for saturation.
Stone pavers will hide drainwork. When complete you will not see the garvel.
Adding top stones prior to comletion of wall .
Stone steps using Pink and Tan Flagstone. Customers choice. Caps have not been added yet.